About Us

Mothers Mood create expressive design maternity&postpartum clothes for women with sparkling personality! 
We use natural fabrics to make your skin breathe. When choosing fabrics, our main criterion is to make them stretchy, soft and delicate for the skin. So that they stretch along the growing baby bump and do not irritate the skin.
We ensure that each product are received as a gift, because we want to delight each woman at her special stage of life!

"During my pregnancy I discovered that maternity leggings are the most comfortable piece of clothing that allows you to move freely and look wonderful at the same time! So I decided to make some maternity leggings for myself using colorful fabrics! My handmade leggings turned out wonderful so I decided to offer them to other pregnant women. I believed that there are many more "mommy`s to be" who would like to be stylish and wear something colorful during their pregnancy!" 

Ieva Puzāka
Mothers Mood founder